iconCool Studio 7 Pro Full Patch Free Download

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IconCool Studio 7 pro is a complete solution for icon editing and creation. The program includes all standard image editing tools, as well as a variety of filters and effects that can be used to enhance your icon designs.

IconCool Studio included Mixer enables you to create custom icons from scratch, using multiple layers and a variety of ready-to-use design elements. In addition to icon and (animated) cursor formats, the program also supports editing of GIF, JPG and PNG image files. Other features included support for Vista icons, Photoshop plug-in and transfer, multi-format import/export and more.

iconCool Studio 7 Pro

iconCool Studio 7 Pro Features:

  • Supports the latest Vista OS and create Vista icon
  • Fantastic IconCool Mixer
  • Powerful marquee operation
  • Creates an icon with different states in a minute
  • Visible filter operation
  • Flexible gradient editing and powerful color management
  • Supports Multi-format images with powerful import and export function
  • Convenient shortcut keys to perform
  • Make .CUR files and animated .ANI files easily and rapidly
  • Supports mutual-sending image between Photoshop and Studio 7
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