Caricature Studio Full Version

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Caricature Studio is a software designed specifically to create caricatures. Quickly and easily create caricature art, comics and novelty photos. Just like amusement parks and fair vendors....right on your desktop! You'll also get over 100 novelty templates and themes for all occasions! Look at all of the amazing features you'll get in one incredible novelty photo software suite.

Caricature Studio

Caricature Studio Features:
  • Great caricature effects allow you to warp, twist and distort faces in endless variations.
  • Overlay panel applies magazine covers and other novelty overlay templates to any photo. Designed to print 8 x 10.
  • Animation Creator. Choose frames per second, looping control, exports to SWF or GIF.
  • Head-on-body creates precise head crops with edge blending
  • Caricature Wizard applies automatic caricature effects to user defined area.
  • Face Swap creates great celebrity fakes.
  • Webcam Capture acquires live images
  • Layer support with options like opacity
  • Template preview panel shows thumbnail images of all available novelty templates
  • Warhol effect for amazing pop-art images
  • Speech Panel to insert talk bubbles, thought bubbles & text boxes.
  • Clone brush and other painting instruments
  • Text panel for custom dialog and headlines
  • 100 overlay and background themed templates
  • Windows shell integration supports drag and drop from Explorer
  • Mirror function to flip images horizontally for printing images on heat transfer media
  • Popup Tool Tips offer graphics and text to provide basic instructions for main functions
  • Effects panel for fun and abstract image variations
  • Comic filters for "comic book" style rendering
  • Photoshop plugin support and import function for .8BF filters provide endless filter options
  • Canvas size adjustment for common photo sizes
  • Fit To Media print function
  • Image Adjustments including color balance, hue, brightness, contrast, sharpness
  • Frames and borders for creative edge effects
  • Insert Clipart from any source
  • Emboss & Invert filters
  • Image Tools include crop, rotate, resize and more...
  • Anti-aliasing for inserted clipart and text means minimal quality loss when rotated or resized.
  • Automatic software update function
  • Email To Friend to share your images
  • Windows 7 compatibility
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